iPhone 11 pro- All you need to know ▷ Globoedge.co.ke

iPhone 11 pro- All you need to know ▷ Globoedge.co.ke

Let us face it, the evolution of mobile phones is turning out to be impressive, and iPhone 11 pro tops the list in this category. It is one of the Apple’s most powerful phone that comes in a friendly design. A device with the best features that you would ever desire in the 21st century. Furthermore, it comes in different models depending on your preferences and pocket.

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Globoedge solutions is here to help you make an informed choice in purchasing iPhone 11 pro. Here is why you should grab this phone for your daily utilities.

iPhone 11 pro max

The iPhone 11 pro max surpasses the expectation of the majority. It is a device designed to meet your day-to-day concerns. Launched in September 2019, the phone comes with top specs that will give you the most fantastic experience:

  • This phone can function in different technologies. It supports GSM/EVDO/LTE/HSPA/CDMA network, which means you are not limited to when you can operate it.
  • It is relatively lighter (226 g), with dimensions of 158 x 77.8 x 8.1 mm, thereby comfortable to hold.
  • Comes with a super Retina scratch-resistant touch screen; 6.5’’
  • Enough storage; 64 GB 4GB RAM that extends to 512GB 4GB RAM.
  • Clear Camera; Triple main camera and dual selfie camera (12 MP, 23 mm wide)
  • Speaker; stereo speakers (Voice 71dB// Ring 79dB// Noise 74dB ) with noise cancellation features and dedicated microphone
  • Long-lasting and fast wireless charging battery; Li-Ion 3969 MaH non-removable battery; takes up to 60 hours
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Comes in different models; A2218, A2161, A2220

iPhone 11 pro max case

What comes next in your mind after getting your desirable phone is how best it can be protected. There are different varieties of affordable cases for iPhone 11 pro max. Depending on your choice, your new iPhone should be at it best with a case.

iPhone 11 pro max case comes in different colors and models. Silicon case should be a good one to grab. It offers good protection for as long as you will use it. Silicon case is an ideal choice for anyone desiring a case that is neither too thick nor too thin. Besides, it is clear and maintains its color; unlike other cases that may turn yellow over time. Nevertheless, you can always replace it whenever your urge comes.

iPhone 11 pro Colors

The iPhone 11 Pro features a glossy finish. The finish consists of desirable new colours, the kind of gold, space grey, silver, gold, including midnight green. With these varieties in mind, choosing your taste or anything close to it should be easy.

Where can I buy iPhone 11 pro?

iPhone 11 pro is everywhere around you. Even better! Technology has made it possible for you to buy whatever you want at the comfort of your home, iPhone 11 pro included. All you need is make an order of the item and have it delivered to you right where you are.

That said, you can quickly get iPhone 11 pro at apple authorized resellers such as Globoedge solutions, online stores. Visit genuine apple dealers-Globoedge solutions at your convenient time and have a look at the different varieties on offer. However, should this be strenuous, consider making an order in apple online store, where you are guaranteed of 100% delivery service. 

What can the iPhone 11 do?

We are all familiar with the curiosity that comes along with trying out a different product. With your new iPhone 11 at hand, what comes in your mind is how to take good care of it while using it maximally. Furthermore, iPhone 11 is the real definition of what technology can do. With its superb features, its utility is likely to surpass regular tasks. You will discover the hidden elements of the technology.

So what can you do with iPhone 11? Below is a list of things you can accomplish with iPhone 11:

Explore the world of photography

 Do this by delving into night shots. It is indisputable that Apple is revamping its camera capabilities. The new camera functionality of iPhone 11 is super easy to use and will leave you with a long-lasting experience of the shots taken.

Delve into revamped apps

iPhone 11 comes with updated iOS. Its apps are incredible and offer smart utility. For example, the powerful Bionic chip makes it easy to make adjustments whenever possible.

Proceed to the apple arcade

Consider the apple games!

Get fantastic experiences trying out the different featured games. These games will help you stay positive and unearth your great potentials. Games such as Puzzler, Pilgrims and Gungeon should help you find your way in the gaming world. The games feature brilliant, silky visuals and sophisticated audio. What more do you need to engage in fulfilling activities? Apple Arcade is the place to try.

Try watching a movie

iPhone 11 never disappoints. As a movie fan, we believe you are complete with convenient watching. iPhone 11 comes with unique features that bring you closer to what you desire. Its spatial audio system and full screen allow you to immerse yourself in a 3D space. The display and screen brightness are geared towards movies. They will help you stream one of your favourites than ever before. 

Embrace the other side; dark mode

With iPhone 11, you are never limited to a white mode. Turn on the dark mode and enjoy the experience. Dark mode prevents your eyes from straining and will make the content blend with the device. You can try this either at night or daytime depending on your taste.

iphone 11 pro price
iphone 11 pro price in kenya
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Is the iPhone 11 waterproof?

Another feature is that the iPhone 11 is water resistance. While it is not waterproof, the resistance to water will protect your iPhone from splashes of coffee or water. Nevertheless, iPhone 11 is design in a way that it can survive in deep water (2 meters) for up to 30 minutes.

Buy iPhone 11 pro

With the above in mind, going pro should never be a challenge. It is a mind-stretching phone. Its refreshing features make it easy to use and pocket. With it, your needs will never be compromised. Nevertheless, iPhone 11 pro reviews should give you the go-ahead to get one for yourself or your loved ones.  

Buy iPhone 11 pro today and experience the difference. For any queries contact our friendly support

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